Viridian, OpticsPlanet Announce Exclusive Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight

Viridian, OpticsPlanet Announce Exclusive Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight

Viridian and Optics Planet collaborated on this new and rapidly growing segment of the optics market to provide a product with industry-leading specifications and design.

The Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight is engineered for rapid target acquisition with a 5 MOA green dot reticle that capitalizes on the human eye’s heightened sensitivity to green wavelengths—a technology pioneered by Viridian two decades ago. When compared to red dots, the green reticle and a proprietary green multi-coated lens offer unmatched color transmission and crystal-clear visibility.

Pushing the boundaries of electro-optic design, the battery and electronic components are situated at the top of the sight, delivering a sleek profile that increases and lowers the viewing window while preserving compactness. The Omega’s closed emitter architecture significantly alleviates one of the prevailing challenges often associated with traditional reflex sights: the delay in dot acquisition. The enclosed housing also provides superior protection against environmental elements like dust, moisture, and debris, ensuring consistent performance and long-lasting durability in the toughest conditions.

Auto shut off and INSTANT-ON ensures extreme battery life and readiness. Crafted from 6061

aluminum tailored for today’s high-performance firearms, the Omega Closed Emitter also offers tactile and audible adjustments that serve the discerning shooter.

Viridian Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight

  • Green Dot Advantage: Boost your aim with an eye-friendly 5 MOA green dot reticle—rapid target lock achieved.
  • Crystal Clear Optics: Experience unmatched clarity and color transmission through the proprietary green multi-coated lens.
  • Enhanced Viewing: Top-placed electronics streamline the sight, increasing and lowering the viewing window while keeping the overall design compact.
  • Closed Emitter Superiority: The closed design wards off the elements and speeds up dot acquisition for accurate shots. Features ACRO mount with RMR adapter and High Mount for Co-witness.
  • Built for a Tactical Advantage: Trust in durable 6061 aluminum, INSTANT-ON activation, auto shut-off, & tactile audible controls.


Footprint: ACRO

Mount Options: Includes RMR Adapter and High Mount

Lens Dimension: 21mm x 16.5mm

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Lens Coating: Full Multi Coated

Maximum Adjustment: 90 MOA

Reticle: 5 MOA Green

Battery Life: Up to 50k hours

Settings: 10 (8 visible, 2 NV)

Operation: INSTANT-ON and User Controlled

Dimensions: 1.59” (L) x 1.02” (W) x 1.15” (H)

Weight: 1.59oz

Housing Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum with Hard Coat Anodization

Waterproof: IPX6

Operating Temperature: -4 F to 130 F

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Power Source: 1x CR2023 (included)

The Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight is part of the popular OPMOD family of products available exclusively from .

Published at: 11-07-2023


  1. BladeBoySFV 11-13-2023

    Funny this is just now being published seeing is how I got mine several months ago when I came across it looking for the Viridian rfx45 but seeing this with the different looking housing it was obvious that I was going to get it and I love it another comp

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