Viridian Releases the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount

Viridian Releases the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount

Viridian Weapon Technologies, innovator of firearm accessories, proudly introduces the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount. This rifle accessory redefines versatility and accuracy, setting new standards for quick optic transitions and precision shooting, especially when ‘in a pinch.’

The PINCH mount features three adaptable positions that enable shooters to customize their configurations to suit personal preferences or accommodate different primary optic sizes, all while preserving the ideal 35-degree offset angle. Expertly machined from premium 6061 aluminum and coated with a durable anodized finish, the PINCH mount is meticulously designed to withstand the most demanding usage scenarios.

"I take immense pride in the PINCH’s efficient and intuitive design. While it may appear simple, it's the subtle intricacies that make all the difference in a shooter's ability to transition quickly and accurately,” said Viridian Director of Engineering, Casey Carlson. “Our goal was to create an optic mount that enhances speed by limiting unnecessary motion and allowing adjustments to match the shooters equipment and preferences.”

The 35-degree offset angle has been meticulously tested and proven as the optimal angle for swift transitions between primary and secondary optics. This angle ensures shooters can effortlessly switch between optics with minimal movement, enhancing both speed and accuracy in critical situations. The PINCH comes available with ACRO, RMR, Docter / Burris FF / Vortex Venom, and Shield RMSc mounting plates. MSRP $79

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Published at: 10-17-2023


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