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Viridian RFX 35 - Review

Viridian Weapon Tech recently came out with a few pistol mounted green dots. Keeping in Viridian fashion, they only do green, hence the green dot and not a red. All of their green dots have the same features, they just are different sizes with different mounting footprints. They sent out the RFX 35 for me to try out, It uses the RMR footprint and has a huge viewing window.


In the current pistol mounted dot sight market, there are a bunch of important features the sights should have. The RFX 35 has most of these. First, it has an industry standard footprint, a RMR in the 35’s case. Next, I feel it should have some auto on feature. Viridian’s RFX 35 checks this box as it has their “instant-on” technology. What this does for you is turn the green dot on, when any slight movement is detected. The RFX 35 turns off and into this mode after approximately 2 minutes of being stationary. The last option I think these small dot sights should have, is night vision compatibility. I don’t use this feature, but I feel it is worth having. The RFX’s lowest 2 settings are NV compatible.

One of my favorite things about the RFX 35 green dot is its window size. The viewing window is quite large, measuring in at 22x26 mm. This is essentially a 1 mm shorter, and 1 mm wider than its commonly known competitor, the SRO. The window is also very rounded in shape, with a flat spot near the bottom. This means that no matter what you are doing, the green dot in the RFX is super easy to pick up. It also makes transitioning from target to target faster since the target comes into the viewing window sooner. I found it extremely fast to use on my Sig P320.  

As previously mentioned, the RFX 35 uses a green dot. Viridian uses a 3 MOA dot size for the RFX. I thought the dot size was very useful. Not too large to cover up close targets, but small enough to be used, when accuracy is needed, on those 50 yard targets. Most people tend to see the green dot better than a red one. For me, I get less of that “bloom” effect with green, that is due to my astigmatism. The RFX 35 uses a “+” and “-” to adjust brightness. The “+” is on the left side, and the “-” is on the right side. I like this layout as you don’t accidentally push the wrong button. There are 10 total brightness adjustments, 8 are daylight and the other 2 are NV. The green dot is easily visible in bright sunlight on the highest setting. To adjust the green dot for windage and elevation, there is a supplied allen wrench. It adjusts in 1 MOA “clicks”, except it doesn’t have clicks, just the turn screws. This doesn’t hurt the functionality, I just prefer clicks to make adjustments easier for me. 

Another advantage to the RFX 35 is its extremely low profile. This little green dot sits lower than any of the other RMR footprints sights I own. Part of the reason it sits so low in the slide, is that it has a bottom mount battery. No side or top load battery here. I prefer to not have a bottom load battery, as I don’t like to remove things to change batteries. Is this a deal breaker? No, it’s just a slight inconvenience every couple of years when it needs to be changed. With a 30,000 hr battery life, it’s not like you have to change it all the time. 

In the end, I am really liking the Viridian RFX 35. The green dot is crystal clear and is easily picked up with my eye. The window's viewing size is fantastic. Plus, it has that industry standard mounting footprint. The RFX 35 has been a really good sight for me. If you are looking at a large window reflex sight to mount on a handgun slide, or possibly a rifle, the Viridian RFX 35 may just be the ticket. Check it out, along with the other RFX series sights, at Veridian’s website.



Large window green dot sight for RMR footprint pistols


Carry, Competition, Training, and anything else


  • 3 MOA Green Dot

  • 22x26 mm viewing window

  • RMR Mounting Footprint

  • Picatinny mount included

  • Auto shut off and INSTANT- ON technology

  • 30,000 + hours battery life at brightness level 5

  • 6061-T6 aluminum body

  • Designed from the ground up to ensure clarity, solid function, and rapid target acquisition

  • Designed to fit full size handguns, shotguns, and rifles

  • 8 Visible & 2 Night Vision Brightness Settings

  • WEIGHT: 1.0 oz

  • WARRANTY: 7 years

  • AUTO OFF: 2 minutes


Other RFX series


4/5 stars on Amazon

Pretty nice if you get it on sale

500 rounds through my pistol with this dot and it went from being a safe toy to my EDC. I got the 35 and it turned my pistol into an entire new machine. Easier to sight in than my holosun, and over $100 less. Will be getting the 15 for my smaller pistol and ditching the holosun 507k I have on it. The green dot is super easy to see. Honestly surprised how much better I like it over my holosun.

Was honestly surprised by the dot. I expected it to be crap after seeing the glass fell out of both the reviews I watched. Ended up being a great purchase. My only gripes are the fact it has to be removed to replace the battery and that it's kind of difficult to remove the wrench used to adjust. Would be so much better if they used the same style screws as pretty much every other big-name dot to adjust. I never have an allen wrench on me, but I always have some kind of small device that can be used as a flat head.


Terribly Tactical Youtube 

Shooting Sports USA  


MSRP = $289.00

Retail = $202.95 on Amazon


Viridian or Amazon



  • Large window size

  • RMR pattern footprint

  • Clear dot

  • 3 MOA dot size


  • Bottom load battery

  • No click adjustments


Published at: 01-22-2023
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