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  • Viridian RFX45 Reflex Sight Put to the Test

    The RFX45 is a fully enclosed optic designed for rough duty and hard handling. It is capable of any duty assignment that calls for a "mounted Yeti". The RFX45 is a great option for shooters who are looking for a durable, reliable, and easy-to-use optic.
    Published at: 11-16-2023
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  • Viridian, OpticsPlanet Announce Exclusive Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight

    Viridian Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight: A New Standard in Red Dot Optics

    Viridian and Optics Planet have collaborated to create the Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight, a new red dot optic that sets a new standard for performance and durability.

    The Omega features a number of innovative features that make it the ideal choice for discerning shooters, including:

    • 5 MOA Green Dot Reticle: The green dot reticle is more visible to the human eye than traditional red dots, making it easier to acquire and track targets.
    • Proprietary Green Multi-Coated Lens: The green multi-coated lens provides unmatched color transmission and crystal-clear visibility.
    • Top-Placed Electronics: The battery and electronic components are situated at the top of the sight, delivering a sleek profile that increases the viewing window while preserving compactness.
    • Closed Emitter Architecture: The closed emitter architecture significantly reduces dot acquisition time and protects the sight from environmental elements.
    • INSTANT-ON Activation and Auto Shut Off: Auto shut off ensures extreme battery life and readiness, while INSTANT-ON activation ensures that the sight is always ready when you are.
    • Durable 6061 Aluminum Construction: The Omega is crafted from 6061 aluminum, making it tough enough to withstand even the most demanding conditions.
    • Tactile and Audible Adjustments: The Omega's tactile and audible adjustments make it easy to make precise adjustments to your zero, even in low-light or no-light conditions.
    Published at: 11-07-2023
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  • Viridian Releases the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount

    Viridian Releases the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount

    Viridian Weapon Technologies has released the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount, a rifle accessory that redefines versatility and accuracy. The PINCH mount features three adaptable positions that enable shooters to customize their configurations to suit personal preferences or accommodate different primary optic sizes, all while preserving the ideal 35-degree offset angle.

    The PINCH mount is expertly machined from premium 6061 aluminum and coated with a durable anodized finish, making it tough enough to withstand the most demanding usage scenarios.

    The PINCH mount is available with ACRO, RMR, Docter / Burris FF / Vortex Venom, and Shield RMSc mounting plates. MSRP is $79.

    To learn more about the PINCH 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount and other Viridian Weapon Technologies products, visit

    Published at: 10-17-2023
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  • 10 Reasons Why a Green Dot Sight Outshines a Red Dot

    Green dot sights are the superior choice over red dot sights for a number of reasons, including:

    Enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions
    Reduced color spectrum interference
    Better visibility for color-blind shooters
    Reduced washout in bright light
    Improved low-light performance
    Longer battery life
    Crisper and clearer dot
    Reduced eye strain
    Better performance in foggy or hazy conditions
    Adaptability to different environments
    Viridian RFX Green Dot Reflex Sights are a great option for those looking for the best possible performance and reliability.

    Published at: 09-21-2023
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  • The Viridian C Series: A Comprehensive Comparison - New vs. Original

    The C5L laser and light combo from Viridian Weapon Technologies is a popular choice for firearm enthusiasts who want a compact and reliable way to enhance their personal protection and shooting accuracy. The original C5L was released in 2010 and was the first compact green laser and light available. It helped to put Viridian on the map as a major industry player. In 2023, Viridian reintroduced the C Series line, which includes a new and improved version of the C5L. The new C5L has a number of features that make it an even better option for firearm enthusiasts, including: A more compact design A brighter laser A longer battery life A new instant-on feature If you are looking for a compact and reliable laser and light combo for your firearm, the new C5L from Viridian is a great option. It is sure to improve your personal protection and shooting accuracy.
    Published at: 09-14-2023
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