Viridian RFX45

Viridian RFX45 Green Dot

Footprint: ACRO
Weight:  1.73oz
Battery: Up to 50k+ hours 

First Impression

The box the RFX45 comes in is extremely small, which is nice for people who like to keep the boxes for resale purposes or even to keep the extra mounting plates and screws in them so they don’t get lost.

Opening the box, it’s packaged like most optics with pre-cut foam spots for all the included pieces.

The box includes three mounts: a high and a low Picatinny mount and the RMR pattern mount for pistols.

There are also enough screws included with this optic that if it doesn’t fit your pistol, the screw might not exist! There are a TON of included screws.

There is also an included battery, a special tool with the correct torx head, and three separate flatheads for adjusting and opening the battery compartment.

The RFX45 is very light and has a unique sight picture. I’m excited to try this as it’s unique from anything else I’ve seen on the market.

viridian rfx45 stock

Viridian RFX45 Green Dot

Footprint: ACRO
Weight:  1.73oz
Battery: Up to 50k+ hours 


The optic is machined of 6061 Aluminum and has a hard coat anodizing. I held the optic before looking up the material, but I knew it would be a quality aluminum.


I wonder when optics will weigh the same as a single paperclip. This is crazy lite.

I know these closed-emitter optics are supposed to go on the top of pistol slides, but I want to run this on my Century Arms AP5 so badly.


The single green dot is extremely clear and crisp and the 5 MOA dot is a great middle ground between the other options on the market.

Some red dots (in this case, green) aren’t as crisp for me. I don’t know if the green dot is helping it be so crisp and clear to my eye or if Viridian is using a better technology for the dot emitter.

Dot Adjustment

Dot adjustment happens in the two flush turrets, which can be adjusted with the included tool screwdriver.

It can be a really tight fit as the screw is really small, but turning the turret has a fantastic audible click, making adjustment easy and as painless as possible.

viridian rfx45 stock

Viridian RFX45 Green Dot

Footprint: ACRO
Weight:  1.73oz
Battery: Up to 50k+ hours 

Power Source

The power comes from a single CR2032 battery placed in the top compartment.

With the included tool, the compartment is easy to get into, and the RFX45 doesn’t ship from the factory with the battery installed, so you should get a good life out of the included CR2032.

Sight Picture

This emitter is a bit different as it is on the optic roof, whereas others have them on the bottom or sides of the optic.

It gives the optic a “hat,” if you will, but makes the bottom and sides very thin and a unique sight picture.

Operation of the Viridian RFX45

RFX45 features instant on, so there’s no power button; the only buttons on the entire optic are the brightness control arrows that are up and down.

The buttons are on the left side of the green dot optic and have tactile feedback when you press them for adjustment.

Mounts and Mounting Options

RFX45 comes with three different mounting solutions, not including the built-in Picatinny rail mount.

A high, mid, and built-in low 1913 rail mounts are all top-notch, and then the RMR footprint plate is included if you want to mount it to a pistol.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Viridian RFX45 more than I thought I would. I also have several other Viridian optics, which I like, but the RFX45 really surprised me with its small footprint and extremely lightweight design.

I wish the RFX45 were cheaper, but I understand the price because the optic is so well done.

Published at: 02-05-2024


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